What We Do

RealHR provides HR support to senior leaders in organizations who understand the value that an HR partnership brings to their business. With services customized to meet your needs, we are a high touch solution, that works with you to develop and grow your HR function, and support you on an ongoing or project basis. Our services are onsite, virtual or a combination of both.   Each of our services can stand alone or be combined with other RealHR support.

HR Set-up

for startups to build HR infrastructure.

HR Audit

to develop baseline for HR policies and practices and identify priorities. Compliance focused.

HR Assessment

to evaluate existing policies and broader best practices. Used to benchmark and identify priorities for building out programs. May be related to organizational growth or change, acquisition or merger, or review of internal HR capabilities.

Employee Handbook

to review and update current handbook or develop a customized handbook/ and state supplements.

Employee Survey

to assess current culture through individual meetings, focus groups or formal engagement surveys.

Workplace Investigations

to investigate employee complaints as an independent third party in both Spanish and English

Job Descriptions

review and update or create new descriptions to support organizational growth and change.

DEI Initiatives (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

develop and facilitate programs and practices to impact culture


including executive search, recruitment strategy and practices, training for selection and hiring practices.

Transition from PEO

To unbundle support or provide additional high-touch HR support in addition to PEO.

Employee Assessments

for Hiring or Development.


including staff, management, and executive level.


including Anti-Harassment, Interview Training, Leadership and Management Training.


including benefits planning and administration, benchmarking, and vendor management.


including compensation philosophy, structure and practices, and benchmarking.

HR Technology

identify needs, conduct research and help implement new systems

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